For hotels and resorts looking for new ways to promote room inventory

Tap into an entirely new booking channel with BnBerry

When you need to be seen where your guests are booking, BnBerry makes sure your property gets top billing on Airbnb, Vrbo, FlipKey and HomeAway.

Showcase your property on top booking platforms
Effortlessly answer inquiries across platforms
Increase occupancy and boost revenue
Real-time reporting and much more ...

Showcase your property

Ensure every room gets top billing - without spending hours writing copy.

Provide your basic details and the BnBerry team will create room listings tailored to each online booking platform. So no matter which platform you’re on, you’ll always be putting your best foot forward.

BnBerry optimizes every listing so you always look good

Effortlessly answer inquiries

Online booking platforms like Airbnb expect hosts to answer inquiries quickly, so BnBerry provides 24/7 support tailored to match your service standards.

We’ll respond to every text, email, call and in-platform message - so you can spend your time focusing on current guests - instead of managing inquiries.

BnBerry's communication center and support team answers all guest inquiries from all platforms
Get Instant Oversight

Control rates, availability
and reservations

Easily see each platform's booking performance in one place with BnBerry Reports and Analytics. View 30 and 90-day outlooks, total revenue, guests per booking, length of stay, booking window, average daily rate, and more.

BnBerry provides full visibility on booking performance across all channels
Avoid Overbooking

Real-time updates in major platforms

Eliminate manual updates. BnBerry’s extranet seamlessly integrates with your PMS and Channel Manager.

So you always know how many rooms are available and can avoid overbooking.


What our customers say

"New OTAs like Airbnb have become an important part of our channel mix. They target a different type of guest who wouldn’t book with us otherwise. And BnBerry makes it extremely easy for us to sell room inventory there."

Estrella Cherry
Director of Sales, Sonesta Suites Anaheim

"Airbnb and similar sites have provided crucial additional selling channels and revenue during Covid-19. But without BnBerry we wouldn’t have been able to tap into this source."

Alex Cerda
Senior Vice President of Hotel Operations, Terrapin Hospitality

"Our product is unique and lends itself well to a channel like Airbnb. But when we tried doing it ourselves the ROI wasn’t there because it was too labor-intensive for a hotel team to handle. Since we joined BnBerry, our workload has decreased dramatically."

Keith Bielski
Director of Hotel Marketing & Distribution, Diamond Resorts

"Introducing new booking channels during the pandemic has been critical to our business. We couldn’t have done it without BnBerry."

Rene Pereira
VP Global Sales, AD1 Global

"Tapping into new channels is extremely important for our business model. With legislation in our area reducing Condo and Vacation Home Rental options, we believe Airbnb and similar sites will be a large segment for us in the coming years."

Alesha Newman
Director of Sales, Forest Suites Resort

You get much more with BnBerry

See the difference between going DIY, using a regular channel manager, or using BnBerry

Individual room listings optimized for each site
Going DIY
Using a traditional Channel Manager
Booking inquiries instantly addressed 24/7
Going DIY
Using a traditional Channel Manager
In-site promotions leveraged
Going DIY
Using a traditional Channel Manager
Single dashboard view of channel performance
Going DIY
Using a traditional Channel Manager
Access to Airbnb, Vrbo, FlipKey and HomeAway
Going DIY
Using a traditional Channel Manager
Benefits Going DIY Using a traditional Channel Manager
Individual room listings optimized for each site
Booking inquiries instantly addressed 24/7
In-site promotions leveraged
Single dashboard view of channel performance
Access to Airbnb, Vrbo, FlipKey and HomeAway

Get easy access to online booking platforms with BnBerry


Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t Airbnb, Vrbo and FlipKey more suited to short-term vacation rentals?

That might have been the case once. But today more and more people are using Airbnb and similar sites to book accommodation across any type of property - including traditional hotels and resorts.

Why wouldn’t I just use my existing channel manager?

Traditional channel managers don’t provide access to all the sites BnBerry offers. What’s more, they don’t deliver the interactive, responsive and community-driven experience that visitors using Airbnb, Vrbo and FlipKey want and increasingly expect when they’re booking any type of accommodation.

How are these “new OTAs” different from “traditional OTAs” like Expedia or

The new OTAs are host-centered, which means decide on accommodation based on both property features and host profile. Personalization and personality are particularly important - so your listings need to show what’s different about the experience you deliver as well as your property. BnBerry is expert at this.

What do I need to do to be successful on these new OTAs?

Airbnb, VRBO and Flipkey require extensive pre- and post-booking support because guests on these platforms communicate more often and more frequently.

Turn inquiries into bookings with BnBerry

Get new bookings from Airbnb, Vrbo, FlipKey, and more